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Transportation Insurance Update: May 2023.
SWAN News Welcome,

As the summer nears and activity increases, businesses are stocking up on inventory. Shipment frequency will begin to increase, especially August and into the fall, as businesses are getting ready for the holidays. While this means more of the usual trucking contracts, we know freight rates can be low for regular hauls.

Some of the more profitable transportation opportunities come from intermodal shipping opportunities like working with shipping ports. Finding drivers for port-related contracts is a common ask, as they generally produce more dollars per mile. They can also keep drivers local so they don't have to drive cross-country, making (hopefully) everyone's lives easier.

Naturally, there are compliance standards to meet before your business can contract with ports, and that's where SWAN can help. This month we spotlight Amy Luong, our Transportation Producer, who specializes in intermodal shipping and more. Scroll below to learn more about her white glove approach to helping your business grow.

Amy and the SWAN team have a close relationship with the port of Los Angeles. Getting compliant with their certificate management system can be difficult for those unfamiliar with it. We can help you get compliant and on the road while others struggle with the system.

Not only does compliance help your business grow, it keeps you and your drivers safe. Amy and members of the SWAN team recently returned from a couple of industry conferences (recaps below). Connecting with industry authorities around changes in regulation and new technology enable us to best inform your safety and success.

We value your trust and partnership and remain committed to your best interests. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our goal is to help you Sleep Well At Night!

Thank you,
Chris Mahlberg
Chris Mahlberg, TRS
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SWAN Insurance
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Watch Now Meet Amy Luong
SWAN's Transportation Producer

Amy specializes in sand and gravel and intermodal shipping and recently celebrated her third work anniversary with SWAN. Click here to watch her video explaining UIIA insurance.

As a member of the Women In Trucking Association, Harbor Trucking Association, and MCIEF, Amy's passion with transportation lies in safety management and customized insurance policies that improve your safety and coverage.

Amy immigrated to the US from Vietnam, speaks fluent Vietnamese, and works with many of our local truckers.

Should you have any questions, we invite you to contact Amy.

Meet Team SWAN
Contact Us MCIEF Western Conference Recap with Rafael and Michael

SWAN's Claims Manager Rafael Negron and Account Manager Michael Goldsmith just returned from the MCIEF Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Takeaways from the event include updates in claims handling, trucking technology, inspections and more.

Like the rest of our SWAN team, Rafael and Michael are always working to improve upon trucker safety. Attending events like these and connecting with the industry's best equip us to do so.

Have a question about your trucking business? Contact us today! Rafael, Michael, and the extended SWAN team are more than happy to help.

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SWAN's Kevin Mealey saved my company, he worked with me for over a month before finding the right fit for me and my team. I’m very grateful for Kevin and the service he’s provided along with the competitive rates and professionalism, I couldn’t ask for a better insurance provider. Thanks again, I wouldn't have gotten it done without you. - James Williams
DrayTECH 2023 Recap with Amy and Marc

SWAN's Amy Luong and Director of Transportation Marc Crawford are back from last week's DrayTECH conference in San Pedro, CA.

Produced by the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA), DrayTECH is focused on all things drayage - transporting shipping containers by truck to their final destination.

Amy and Marc connected with Port of Los Angeles leaders and more in covering a range of topics that included contract and cargo diversion, regulatory updates, and opportunities to help truckers gain a competitive edge in a challenging market.

Click below for a glance at the leaders and organizations in attendance. Should you have any questions for Amy, Marc, or the SWAN team, please don't hesitate to contact us the same.

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