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Transportation Insurance Update: September 2023.
SWAN News Welcome,

Summer has already passed us by and before you know it, the holidays will be here and gone the same. As businesses ramp up inventory levels, we want to ensure your fleet is ready to meet the spike in transportation demands without untimely interruption.

Texas recently passed bill HB-4337 to ensure all Mexico drivers carry the proper licensing. Additionally, drivers with B-1 permits may only operate international routes and cannot engage in domestic cabotage trips within the US. We recognize this may impact some of you and want to reassure you our team is here and ready to answer any questions or comments.

From keeping drivers compliant to landing contracts, time is of the essence. If you don't have certificates and vehicle ID cards handy, our team can help. SWAN clients also have access to their own online portal with documents at their fingertips. Please scroll below for more information on how to access your certificates of insurance and fleet details 24/7.

Staying ahead of industry changes is crucial to all our growth. SWAN Director of Transportation Marc Crawford was recently on-site at two of the transportation industry's premiere gatherings, NEMTAC's Transform 2023 in Jacksonville and TTA's Mobilize 2023 in Myrtle Beach.

The SWAN team will also be attending next month's California Trucking Show in Ontario, California. If you're planning on being there, let us know and we can connect in person!

We thank you for your continued patronage and support. If you are a SWAN client and we have helped you and your business, we greatly appreciate the gift of your trusted referrals. We have enjoyed building our community with you and look forward to ensuring our friends and family continue to grow ahead of the competition.

Thank you,
Chris Mahlberg
Chris Mahlberg, TRS
Founder & Owner
SWAN Insurance
Call: 858-381-3108 | Visit: | Connect: LinkedIn
Meet Team SWAN Meet Chris Mahlberg, TRS
SWAN Founder & Owner

Introducing members of our team to you - putting faces to the names you communicate with - is meaningful to us as a boutique business. Despite his monthly welcome letters, we realized you may not know our founder and owner, Chris Mahlberg.

Chris started SWAN on October 2, 2018, and its five year anniversary is around the corner! A native of San Diego and fan of the Padres, Chris grew up playing golf on a driving range his family owned (his father was also a professional golfer). As a new parent, he enjoys Halloween with his son and will have a costume update soon.

Prior to working in insurance, through a startup weekend hosted by Google, he started a company developing healthy dog food products. He later pivoted to working with MetLife, the insurance industry, and then founded SWAN as we now know it.

Starting with a smaller team of subject matter experts in each field, SWAN has grown while maintaining its boutique and nimble roots. Our team has been our greatest differentiator and Chris is most proud of their shared client focused approach. Enjoying creating memorable experiences with the team, Chris recently planned a day for everyone to enjoy out on the water including jet skis and more.

From our small business family to yours, our goal is to help you Sleep Well At Night. Should you have any questions, we invite you to contact Chris.

Meet Team SWAN
Watch Now 24/7 Access to Insurance Certificates & More

While our staff is available and responsive during regular business hours, things happen at off-peak hours.

Need certificates of insurance, to sign applications or submit a claim? Rafael and Anna are here to help! Simply email requests to

Want access to an online portal where you can download certificates and manage more services around the clock? Contact us to walk you through your online portal so you're set up, comfortable and ready to go.

You can also watch a preview of our online portal by clicking here.

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When no one said yes, Chris and Amy got it done. Love these guys. My insurance family! They have perks not many have. Unique Truckin loves you guys! - Kevin Tyler, Unique Truckin
Intel & Opportunities Abound from Recent Industry Shows

SWAN Director of Transportation Marc Crawford was recently on-site at two of the transportation industry's premiere gatherings and returns with a wealth of insights, including:

• Growing without ride brokers
• Cameras and operational success
• Monitoring and event-based systems
• The McKinney Vento Act:
     Transporting school-aged children
• ADA compliance updates
• Partnership opportunities for
     "Demand Response Companies"
• Understanding the GAP between
     retail and ride broker rates
• Obtaining GL/SAM without
     per unit cost

Simply put, there is a lot of activity. If any of the above speaks to your needs and growth goals or news you're uncertain about, contact us today.

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