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Transportation Insurance Update: December 2023.
SWAN News Welcome,

We hope you've had a great holiday season thus far and, like us, are ready for the new year. 2023 was not without its challenges and we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all things SWAN and you, our business partners and friends.

This year we celebrated our five year anniversary, moved our San Diego office to a new location, and opened a new office in Mexicali. With the world going through extraordinary changes since SWAN's inception, we're grateful to both sustain and grow through these ever unique times.

Many of us at SWAN have worked in larger companies and knew we wanted to provide a more meaningful experience for you and ourselves the same. As a small business, being nimble has enabled us to offer more competitive and diverse solutions without sacrificing our one-to-one connection.

If you've ever met or worked with our team, you know first hand how accessible and helpful they are. They attended numerous events all over the United States and Mexico this year, including AgroBaja, CD/NLA Las Vegas, DrayTECH23, DAIS by the Sea and many more.

Staying on top of industry changes has enabled us to best meet and anticipate your business needs. Regardless of whether or not you're a SWAN client, we know your being informed will empower you to make decisions that best serve you and your business.

This year we introduced you to our team and created and shared an array of videos on our YouTube channel in multiple languages.

Kevin Mealey talks about how to hire and insure binational drivers in both English and Spanish. Michael Goldsmith received his accreditation for safety management at the beginning of the year and talks about leveling up your CSA score in Spanish.

Amy Luong shares how to leverage AI in trucking as well as trucking insurance solutions for Vietnamese businesses. Marc Crawford covers the gamut, from starting an NEMT business to fulfilling vendor contract terms such as Sexual Abuse and Molestation (SAM) coverage.

We invite you to visit our YouTube channel to watch these videos and more. If you'd like our team to expand upon any specific topics for you and your fleet, please contact us and share your ideas!

Some of the most popular resources we shared this year included the following:

SoCal Edison's Guidebook to Fleet Electrification and Infrastructure
CARB's Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation - Drayage Truck Requirements
24/7 Access to Insurance Certificates & Online Claims

SWAN News Staying ahead of surprise drug and alcohol testing, DOT audits and more were popular topics in past editions of our newsletter. If you missed any, joined late, or would like to go back and revisit them, you can find them all at the SWAN blog.

Being well-informed has been the recurring theme with all things SWAN. We are grateful for industry partners such as FMCSA, MCIEF, NATMI, TTA, NEMTAC, and all they share with us year round. While topics like compliance don't conjure up quite the excitement as say going on vacation, we know minimizing surprises and maximizing profitability makes everyone's lives easier (and hopefully, better).

Beyond the office, we've shared stories of our team's involvement with community organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego, Toys for Tots, and Michael Goldsmith's alma mater Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. We hope the holidays offered opportunities to connect with communities that matter most to you the same.

Looking back at the year, we are grateful for the bonds we have and continue to build with all of you. The challenges we've faced along the way have been more palatable thanks to our working through them together.

Taking stock of what we've achieved in 2023 is refreshing and will fuel our ambitions for the new year. We look forward to sharing more of what our team is up to and meeting more of you along the way.


Thank you,
Chris Mahlberg
Chris Mahlberg, TRS
Founder & Owner
SWAN Insurance
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