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Transportation Insurance Update: January 2024.
SWAN News Welcome,

For many of us, the new year serves as a point of reflection - how did we do last year and what do I want to do differently this year? With renewed perspectives, the SWAN team and I thought to reflect on just that: renewals.

Whether your policy renews soon or later in the year, there's a number of reasons why starting the conversation early can save you big money and headaches. Here's a look into our process and how we help you get the best options.

SWAN clients begin receiving renewal related correspondence 90 days out. The lead time naturally enables us to collect the latest documentation before we can go out to underwriters on your behalf.

Not only does ample lead time enable us to negotiate the best costs and coverage for you, it helps everyone avoid potential issues within the insurance marketplace.

You may have heard about insurance carriers no longer underwriting areas prone to wildfires and flooding. Similar conditions exist in the wheels-based insurance world with policies being non-renewed by Qualitas Domestic, Aegis, and Mohave.

If you are with an insurance carrier that is leaving California or the trucking business, know that we are keeping tabs on the insurance market to find you the best and most seamless replacement options available.

In addition to adapting to industry changes, SWAN's renewal process can also uncover unresolved driver violations. Oftentimes these are inaccurate and we can help appeal and resolve them for you! More information below.

As policies change, so too can the claims process. Next month we'll revisit and expand upon our in-house processes with SWAN's Claims Manager Rafael Negron.

Our goal with sharing details like these is to minimize surprises and create ample runway to best position your business for success. We hope your year delivers on your renewed perspectives and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,
Chris Mahlberg
Chris Mahlberg, TRS
Founder & Owner
SWAN Insurance
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Meet SWAN's Renewal Specialists

SWAN customer? You may have worked with Amy Luong, Kevin Mealey, or Marc Crawford on your policy.

Each with their own specialties, including AI in trucking, cross border solutions, and non-emergency medical transport, our team is regularly and proactively seeking out the best solutions available.

Whether to get started with SWAN or explore renewal options, schedule a call through their links below.

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Other questions? Contact us by phone or our online form and we'll do our best to help!

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Contact Us Did You Know? Dispute Unfounded Violations

During policy reviews and renewals, we uncover violations on record that affect driver safety scores and coverage.

Oftentimes, we notice drivers shouldn't have been pulled over or cited in the first place! Still, such violations can affect your bottom line.

The SWAN team is here to help you dispute those violations with the FMCSA, helping boost driver safety scores and possibly improve your coverage and costs.

Don't lose time and money you can't recoup. Our team is here and ready to make the process work for you.

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When I started my company, I didn't know anything about insurance. SWAN helped me get started, answer me quick every time I need something, are very professional, friendly and committed. Other contractors recomended them to me and NOW I know why! I highly recommend working with them! - Adrian E., AE&AC Trucking
Stay One Step Ahead of Industry Changes

From freight shortages to the parts industry recovering, class 8 truck sales being down and EVs gaining favor, there are numerous factors affecting insurance coverage and costs.

If you have questions on how to best navigate changes affecting your coverage, don't wait until it's time to renew. Start today and prepare your fleet over time, managing costs and minimizing surprises along the way.

Staying on top of changes like these and more is our business. Help us look out for you so you can focus on the best for your business the same.

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