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Transportation Insurance Update: June 2024.
SWAN News Welcome,

The summer heat is real and our SWAN team continues to promote your safety and growth through opportunities and trends we learn of. From regular policy updates with our clients to intel gathered at industry events, below we share a variety of cost-saving and fleet-growing opportunities for your consideration.

Our Commercial Transportation and Workers' Comp Specialist Amy Luong recently returned from Las Vegas where she represented SWAN at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo gaining insight into the trends, technologies and policies transforming clean commercial transportation.

From government provided incentives to insurance companies offering physical damage cost incentives and more, schedule a call with Amy or read below to explore what benefits your fleet can leverage and grow from.

Trade activity continues to rise as more goods travel from and through Mexico to the US. Common goods include computers, electronics, machinery, plastics, oils and a whole lot more.

For a detailed look at US-MX trade stats by state, the most popular goods and more, check out this Latinometrics article in collaboration with the US-Mexico Foundation and General Motors - click here for the article or download the PDF here.

You may be surprised to learn vehicles make up Mexico's largest export category! North American Class 8 truck orders increased 50% year-over-year during May with 23,200 units sold (also an increase over March).

Our Cross-Border Transportation Specialist Kevin Mealey has been expanding our partner network in an effort to best help you get set up to secure and retain cross border contracts. More details from Kevin below.

SWAN Director of Transportation Marc Crawford spoke on a panel at this month's Transportation Alliance's RevUp 2024 Summer Symposium & Expo in Niagara Falls, NY. You can find his recap below.

Did you know our SWAN agents publish quarterly updates that dive deeper into Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT), commercial transportation, workers' compensation, cross-border trucking insights and more? Visit the buttons below to see past editions at our blog and sign up to receive future updates.

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Until our next update, we thank you for being part of our community and welcome your feedback as we work to help you grow your business and Sleep Well At Night.

Thank you,
Chris Mahlberg
Chris Mahlberg, TRS
Founder & Owner
SWAN Insurance
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SWAN News ACT 2024 Expo Offers Fleet Exemptions & Incentives

Amy returned from Las Vegas with a wealth of information for commercial fleets, particularly those looking to get ahead of clean energy deadlines.

With the CAAP Clean Air Program, the government is providing incentives to EV truck companies through exemptions from the Clean Truck Fund (CTF) Rate, which is set at $10 per twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU). Zero-emissions trucks are exempt from this fee, offering substantial cost savings for companies transitioning to EVs.

To address insurance costs associated with EV trucks, insurance companies are offering a shared cost incentive program allowing your trucking company to insure a portion of each truck's value while self-insuring the remaining portion. By doing so, your company can reduce its insurance premiums and handle small claims internally. Both parties benefit from a balanced solution that makes insuring high-value EV trucks more affordable and manageable.

To explore these opportunities and more, email Amy or click below to schedule a call and see how you can best leverage and update your fleet.

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Download the Report Capitalize on the Surge in Cross-Border Contracts

In 2023, trade volume between the United States and Mexico reached a record $798.8 billion, surpassing China while highlighting the fundamental role of nearshoring.

With a growing need in cross-border drivers, we are excited to announce our exclusive Occupational Accident program covering B1 drivers in the US. From accidents resulting in bodily injury and sickness to covering flights and family travel, your B1 drivers would be covered.

Kevin shares growth opportunities like these and more in his quarterly newsletter. View the Q2'24 edition here (also available in Spanish here).

Explore how to grow your business by capitalizing on the growth in cross-border activity and more.

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Chris and the team at SWAN have been our go-to insurance specialists on rental properties for our property management business. Great people and highly responsive, they are the best! - Bob Preston
The Transportation Alliance RevUp 2024 Recap

Marc recently spoke on the panel Update on Auto Liability Insurance and Risk Control at the The Transportation Alliance's RevUp 2024 Expo in Niagara Falls, NY alongside industry experts:

Lauren Payne, COO, Pres., Tristar
Ham Smythe IV, Pres., Paratransit
Brian Boucher, VP, Hilb Group

TTA President Bill Yuhnke shared humbling words of the panel:

"The positive feedback we received from attendees is a testament to the value of your contribution. Many have expressed how your presentation broadened their understanding and sparked new ideas."

Schedule a call with Marc to learn how you can optimize your fleet while tapping into new market segments.

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